HQ Aero

HQ Aero specializes in hiring all categories of aircraft technicians to provide manpower to service centers, repair stations, and aircraft manufacturers. We have assignments available throughout the United States. The aviation industry has constant manpower requirements. Our recruiters are always looking for qualified personnel. They’re ready to put you to work today! We provide Aviation Technicians on a direct or contract basis to customers who have immediate manpower requirements. Whatever your requirement may be, you have our commitment to provide the very best service possible, wherever and whenever your need arises. For more than 20 years we have provided service to the aviation industry worldwide. In that time we have developed an excellent reputation for providing highly skilled, motivated and dedicated aviation technicians to assist you with your manpower needs.

Instant Response:

The core of our business is our people and we have some of the best. For more than 20 years our management team has been building an international resource base of highly trained and motivated aviation technicians who are available to you at a moments notice, anywhere in the world.

Total Flexibility:

Our technicians offer you total flexibility to deal with the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry. They provide an efficient and cost effective solution when you require extra help to complete an unexpected or unscheduled repair. Count on our people to ensure on-time project delivery of your regularly scheduled maintenance, modification or overhaul programs.

Reduce Your Overhead:

There’s no need for you to incur the overhead associated with hiring full-time staff. Save advertisement and recruitment fees and don’t waste your valuable time tied-up in endless interviews. The majority of our technicians are trained and endorsed on a wide variety of aircraft and possess FAA or Transport Canada Licenses. We can provide people who have the skill sets to perfectly match your requirements, thus cutting down on the learning curve and immediately enhancing productivity.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Our technicians are screened and selected for their commitment to provide first class quality service. Any technician supplied by HQ Aero Management Inc. will be suitable for the task at hand or will be replaced. That is our commitment to you.